Eleni Alexander

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Sasa!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your kindness, generosity, time and patience with me!!!

Sasa at Misic accounting reached out promptly, followed up even when I hadn't replied and was a huge source or encouragement, light and positivity in dealing with the monotony and insecurities that can come with tax returns!

THANK YOU Beloved Sasa!

A pleasure to meet you and be helped by you. I look forward to recommending many friends and family to you for support and direction.

Thank you for your wealth of information and generosity WITHOUT complicated, stressful interpretations or stories about the complexities of tax returns.

Thank you for being straight up, honest and real.

I could trust myself and I could trust you.

Thank you for encouraging my entrepreneurship and treating me with respect, open mindedness and a willingness to help!

Wishing you infinite moments of peace,